Alishia Threets


RE/MAX Eclipse

About Alishia Threets

My purpose is to simplify the process of renting, buying or selling the properties. I have an undeniable talent for discovering hidden gems that could be ignored as they’re not ‘obviously’ attractive. I see the potential which can be omitted at first sight and don’t hesitate to make good use of it.

Customer-centered services I offer are unparalleled and pair with astonishing performances. I make sure my clients are satisfied from the beginning of house-hunting to the rest of their lives, living in the places I helped them find. The real estate journey is usually a once-or-twice-a-life activity for many, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when entering this unknown ground. That’s why working with a trustworthy real estate professional is a key to your success and I’d love to help you navigate through this complex process.